Why have I started this blog?

Well first and most importantly, I am a massive football fan and have always wanted to put my passion of sports into something, so I thought why not a blog?

To go public with my opinions was something I was sceptical about at first because I have never been involved in football of any kind and much of my opinions come from just watching the game. But you know what they say, “football is nothing without fans!” So I’d like to think after watching the game for many years I picked up a thing or two along the way.

I have also started this blog to break the barrier of not only women talking about sports and men’s football in particular, but black women, who you rarely see in sports studios, in sports journalism and punditry. I do then hope to not only change perceptions, but to open barriers and encourage more from underrepresented groups to do similar with their passions.

In this football blog you will see match reports, player focus pieces, opinions on the latest sports stories and of course the centre of all football fans craze. The transfer market.

A little declaration..

I am a Liverpool fan, but I’ll be as impartial and as possible and will write about other clubs news, players and stories!

More to come on the unpredictable game blog..