The Thiago to Liverpool rumours has been one of the most intriguing stories of this transfer window so far.

It was after Liverpool’s heavy 4-0 defeat against a vindictive City team where the Thiago rumours started to emerge. Rumours from Spain and South America suggested that the Spaniard was close to joining. However, Sources close to Anfield via the Liverpool Echo insisted and have consistently to this point suggested that rumours are false.

We must bare in mind that since the transfer saga of Virgil Van Dijk in the summer of 2017, where Liverpool were accused of tapping up the player, exclusives and inside information has been water tight when it comes to incomings. The signing of Fabinho in 2018 provides a perfect example, where the rumours of the Brazilian’s incoming was reported only hours before the official confirmation.

The next surge of news concerning Thiago came from some of the more credible sources, such as Fabrizio Romano and Christian Falk, who is particularly reliable around Bayern news. Both suggested that last week Liverpool started talks with Bayern Munich about Thiago joining in the summer.

Where it becomes interesting? English sources. It seems that the story around Thiago is much more consistent amongst sources around Europe. In England? The story is very different..

Whilst Paul Gorst, from the Liverpool Echo, insists that Thiago is not an active target at this current stage. Melissa Reddy, also known for her reliability around Liverpool, has a different take, where there is “significant interest” from Jurgen Klopp and it is the well-stocked midfield that is the issue. She counters the suggestions from David Ornstein that “finances” are the problem.

As with many, it is hard to know who to believe and what position to take on this transfer saga. However, one thing to bare in mind is that even amongst the strongest denials, such as the Echo, notice some of terminology they use, like not an “active” target at this current time. That leaves it very open for things to change quickly. Might it not be the current time because of Bayern’s involvement in the Champions league? Might it be contingent on some outgoings such as the likes of Wilson, Grujic and perhaps the uncertain future of Georginio Wijnaldum?

Wijnaldum continues to show a brilliant commitment in training and in games despite the uncertainty around his future.

There are so many questions about what has become a transfer saga.

My take?

Is that there seems to be high interest in the player. I think when reading between the lines it is more about Liverpool getting the best possible deal with Thiago only a year left in his contract. I believe Liverpool will use this as a bargaining chip to reduce the rumoured €30 million fee that Bayern are demanding.

FSG and Michael Edwards have proved to be outstanding negotiators in the past, with their recruitment being highly praised and even closely monitored by other clubs around Europe. It is fair to say they know the value of players and unlike other teams, when a deal is too much. This was proved last summer when Nicolas Pepe was on Liverpool’s radar , but not for the 70 million Arsenal paid. This was even questioned by the London club this summer. where an internal investigation was held for overpaying for the player.

Michael Edwards, Jurgen Klopp & Mike Gordon. A very close team and the main faces around Liverpool’s successful recruitment in the past few years.

This should be highly considered by some Liverpool fans who are somewhat confused by what seems to be a very good fee for a very good player. What also needs to be remembered is that Covid19 has had an impact on all clubs finances and the midfield is still one of Liverpool’s most filled positions in the squad. A centre back and a winger look to be more of a priority in terms of strengthening their side for the upcoming season.

With other targets being a priority, Liverpool are within their rights to get the best deal for Thiago and not settle for Bayern’s asking price. It is very similar to how Bayern themselves got such a great deal for Leroy Sane from Manchester City. A player they got for much less then what he’s worth, regardless of only a year left on his deal.

Leroy Sane set to start his new challenge with Bayern Munich with what is an already frightening frontline.

However, there is no doubt that Thiago is a luxury that should definitely be considered. Especially with the Premier League side looking to retain their title and push further in the Champions league. He would bring depth experience, fair and creativity to Liverpool’s midfield. Allowing them to compete fiercely in all competitions this season.

This story is one that I see accelerating after the Champions League final.

Will Liverpool get it done or will it be another disappointment like the Timo Werner saga? We’ll have to wait and see.

More to come on the unpredictable game blog..